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Our Local Suppliers

At Love Health & Wellbeing Being Independent Is Something We Are Proud To Be And One Of Our Main Aims Is To Promote And Support Local Sourced And Produced Products Where Quality Is The Highest You Can Find Being Not Mass Produced 

Skyn Bakery

Meet Clare Who Is The Face Behind Skyn Bakery A Artisan Beauty & Skyn Care Producer Based  In Ormskirk ....... Luxurious Natural And Homemade Vegan Friendly Soaps, Bath Bombs And Skincare.

The Home Of Low Impact Luxury .




Nutra Kombucha

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THE NUTRA KOMBUCHA BREWERY is located in Skelmersdale, Lancashire in Northern England and is a family business operated by Colin & Margaret Wynne 

Like many artisan businesses, Colin & Margaret started brewing their Kombucha from home, initially for their own use but the brew became very popular with friends and family and they began getting a lot of positive feedback and soon, demand outstripped their limited brewing capacity. So, in mid-2017 they upscaled their brewing capacity and began brewing commercially at their new premises in Skelmersdale.

Whilst Kombucha is still relatively unknown in the UK, there is an almost fanatical demand for it in the USA, Australia and New Zealand where there are many thriving breweries.


Drink Nutra Kombucha and feel the difference.


FatJax Is a local chutney and relish producer only using the best finest quality ingredients in his amazing products, Established by Chef Paul Ainscough based in Leyland products are freshly made before coming in store - Taste The Difference between his amazing range, You will Love it . 




Our Paula's

We Are Excited To Announce That Our Paulas Fantastic Vegan Fresh Foods Is Now In Store , These Amazing Products Are Packed With Flavours And Of The Highest Quality, Why Not Try It You Will Love The Taste 

Willy's Wellness


Willy’s is Based in Hereford . I find nothing more satisfying than making something from scratch at source. The farmer in me is also the reason I take pleasure from making things myself. I love the whole process from growing to harvesting, pressing to fermenting, bottling and even designing the products myself. Pedigree and taste is everything to me. I want people to feel more connected to their food and appreciate that eating isn’t just a process, it’s a way of life. You will hear me talking a lot about my 300-year-old orchards at my farm and ‘The Mother’ in my apple cider vinegar – she’s 100% live and in every bottle I produce. We keep The Mother and all her goodness protected from damaging sunlight in our brown glass bottles.