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Our Local Suppliers

At Love Health & Wellbeing Being Independent Is Something We Are Proud To Be And One Of Our Main Aims Is To Promote And Support Local Sourced And Produced Products Where Quality Is The Highest You Can Find Being Not Mass Produced .

Nutra Kombucha




Meet Colin & Margaret

Like many artisan businesses, Nutra Kombucha has its roots in a family home. Colin and Margaret Wynne were looking for a refreshing, healthy alternative to soft drinks which are filled with preservatives and additives.

They started brewing kombucha at home using their own special blend of teas. But demand among their family and friends for the delicious brew was soon more than they could satisfy with their limited facilities.

And so, Nutra Kombucha moved to commercial premises, and was soon being enjoyed by kombucha lovers nation-wide.

A Massive Hit In Our Stores With Amazing Feedback 


Nowt Pouncy Food Co




Our Nowt Poncy® sauces are made with love and with care. We use them too so we want every jar to invade our senses and remind us of those lazy days away. They are hand cooked to maintain flavour and consistency and we use herbs like basil and oregano and we won’t compromise on quality or flavour. We want our sauces to be low in calories, salt, fat, sugar, saturated fat AND still taste amazing! We also want them to be vegetarian and vegan friendly and suitable for kids and adults alike!

Our sauces are good honest food made with great ingredients  and sourced from small business and suppliers wherever possible. We want our sauces to be available to as many people as possible, which is why we are aiming to make amazingly tasty products (that are also gluten free) and to make them vegetarian and vegan friendly too.


Already Proving Popular 

White Bean Coffee



White Bean Coffee Based In Bootle, This Family owned coffee producer Roasts only the best coffee beans .

You will Taste the difference as when we place orders in store these are Freshly roasted then packed non off this this sitting in a warehouse .


Give White Bean Coffee A Try 

Skyn Bakery




Skyn Bakery skincare products are handmade using high quality natural ingredients, such as cocoa butter, mango butter and shea butter, all are infused with carefully chosen essential oils, never perfumes. We focus on high quality ingredients and have blended to make the perfect products. Clare said: “I love to use my skincare on myself and my children, I use the body butter on them, two of whom have eczema which is why I am so adamant about avoiding perfumes in anything I make, I find it really soothes their skin.”

Also, like many other people we want to reduce our use of plastic, we really do not need to be consuming so much single use plastic. So, we thought why not share our love of soap with others and use plastic free packaging, our body butters and body scrubs come in glass jars with aluminium lids, lip balms are in aluminium pots and our soaps are virtually naked (Ooh matron!) and orders are shipped in cardboard boxes with cardboard fillers. We just want help to reduce plastic in bathrooms.

Much love

Clare x


Always A Big Hit With So Many Loyal Customers 





From The Amazing Tracey 


2LoveMy is the product and motivation of a group of skin care professionals, coming from backgrounds in development, beauty training, professional makeup, on screen and off, whose focus has now turned to delivering a high-end skin care range without the high-end price tag.

Developed for professionals all our products contain organic ingredients and we only use suppliers with ethical values. Our skincare is natural, cruelty free and where possible, vegan.

We use nature and science in all our skincare products and our philosophy is one of simplicity and certainty


Fantastic Range With So Many Customers Switching From High Street Brands 

Our Paulas



We are Paula & Eugene, passionate, happy & enthusiastic founders of Our Paula’s BUTTA Company,

Artisan producers of Plant based Vegan & Vegetarian butters.

Proud to be based in Lancashire United Kingdom.

We are the Worlds 1st butter company to become Certified Palm Oil Free.

With all our products carrying the palm oil free trade mark we aim to raise
awareness about the devastation and the impact of over production of palm oil. to support palm free cert board link

We ensure that our BUTTA’s are packed full of flavour that taste delicious,
fresh, dreamy & creamy. They’re all made with ingredients that don’t contain any PALM OIL or GMO’S.

Our BUTTA are presented in glass jars 110g & 240g and they are perfect to recycle or repurpose.

We use quality ingredients that we try and source as locally as possible.
We are a small company with mighty plans, we do our best to achieve our goals one step at a time.

“We simply make great tasting versatile
BUTTA created for everyone to enjoy”



Concent8 CBD




Cannabidiol (CBD) has been proven to increase 

Brain Cell Production in multiple regions of the brain and can also Enhance Focus, Reflex, 

Logical Processing and Response Time.


CONCENTR8 has been developed with a range of Elite Professionals performing at the highest standard to find the Optimum dosage of Cannabidiol to provide Cognitive Enhancement while engaging in Competition and Cognition.


Creating a Perfectly Balanced Formulation, for Even Distribution and Maximum Efficiency. 


CONCENTR8 maximises your Concentration allowing you to Perform, to the Peak of your Ability.

Fat Jax


FatJax Is a local chutney and relish producer only using the best finest quality ingredients in his amazing products, Established by Chef Paul Ainscough based in Leyland products are freshly made before coming in store - Taste The Difference between his amazing range, You will Love it . 

Willy's Wellness




Willy’s is Based in Hereford . I find nothing more satisfying than making something from scratch at source. The farmer in me is also the reason I take pleasure from making things myself. I love the whole process from growing to harvesting, pressing to fermenting, bottling and even designing the products myself. Pedigree and taste is everything to me. I want people to feel more connected to their food and appreciate that eating isn’t just a process, it’s a way of life. You will hear me talking a lot about my 300-year-old orchards at my farm and ‘The Mother’ in my apple cider vinegar – she’s 100% live and in every bottle I produce. We keep The Mother and all her goodness protected from damaging sunlight in our brown glass bottles.